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Rammed Earth is a ancient technique of building. Walls are formed by pounding a mixture of soil, cement, and water into reusable forms using pneumatic rammers. The resulting house is extremely efficient, owner friendly (basically no maintenance) and a house unlike any other in terms of beauty and stability. It is this mixture which a Rammed Earth building uses, along with the pounding, compacting work done by men and pneumatic rammers that makes an incredibly strong, efficient and beautifully natural building.

Rammed Earth National can build residential to commercial building, retaining walls to factories, the possibilities are endless. We use a special mix that can incorporate the natural soils from your area. If you are unaware of this type of construction, we have described some of the benefits below.

The Benefits of Rammed Earth

Indoor air quality

Unlike wood-frame buildings, earth walls do not outgas hazardous fumes. An earth walled building with a natural finish emits no toxins, and in combination with soil-cement flooring warmed by radiant tubing, the indoor air is superior to most other buildings on the market.

Intangible qualities

One of the most appealing aspects of a house with thick earth walls is the indescribable feeling you get just being inside. There is a certain calmness that simply can't be duplicated with lightweight building materials, no matter what the architecture. Whether it is simply the energy of thermal mass, the healthful air of a natural environment, the quiet that results from the sound absorbing nature of the solid earth, or some other less identifiable quality, there is something special about an earth building.

Longevity, durability, and low maintenance

Walls built of raw earth in China, Africa, and even the cold wet climates of northern Europe continue to provide shelter after several hundred years of use. With the addition of modern stabilizers, concrete foundations, and steel reinforcing, we can say in total confidence that our earth walls will last for many centuries. And like all other masonry wall systems, whether they are brick, stone, or concrete, exterior maintenance is virtually eliminated.

Thermal Flywheel Effect

The ability of a solid earth wall to store energy for long periods of time results in interior temperatures that change very little from day to night. Mass walls absorb solar energy during winter days and then re-radiate that energy to offset night time heat losses within the building. In the summer months, the mass of the walls absorbs excess heat generated during the day, keeping the inside spaces surprisingly cool, then releases that stored heat to the clear night sky. In a properly designed and oriented building, this can mean significant savings in heating and cooling bills. And because the energy that controls the temperature inside the building radiates directly from the mass of the walls, the quality of the comfort inside is noticeably different than in a space regulated through mechanically altered air. Couple a mass wall with a hydronic radiant slab to achieve the most quiet, uniform, and dust-free heating system available.

Fire and insect resistance

Two important reasons for choosing to build with solid earth walls are that they are fireproof and resistant to damage from termites and other insects. Both these factors contribute to greater longevity, of course, but they can also mean an important increase in safety for you and for future occupants

Environmental responsibility

Perhaps the best reason to build with earth is the boost it can give to the health of the planet. Earth is an unprocessed, widely available building material with virtually no side effects associated with its harvesting or use. Since an earth walled building saves construction and energy resources, doesn't pollute, and lasts practically forever is a wise investment in the future of the planet.